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After Tim Paine withdrew, the media questioned the motives of the Australian cricket team

After the former test captain resigned on Friday, the Australian cricket team decided not to disclose the investigation of Tim Paine by the sport’s national integrity department, which was criticized by commentators.

Paine resigned Less than three weeks before the start of the Ashes series against England, he admitted that before taking over as captain, he had been investigated for a message sent to the former Tasmanian cricket team female staff in 2017.

“By making the decision to keep the public from paying attention to this issue… the leadership at the time showed a preference for brand management, rather than the truly lasting cultural change CA promised after Newlands,” Daniel Bretig wrote Tao is in Sydney Morning Herald.

The ticket inspector was cleared of misconduct in the 2017 investigation and was considered a safe choice when he was appointed to succeed Steve Smith following the ball tampering scandal involving his predecessor in South Africa in 2018. Herald sun The newspaper published an alleged text exchange between him and a former Tasmanian cricket employee, claiming that the colleague complained that he had sent pictures of his genitals without request.

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Cricket authorities gathered around Paine and revealed that the woman only complained to them after being accused of theft after resigning. Paine’s “interaction” with the woman was “consensual, private, and only happened once… and not repeated,” Tasmanian Cricket said.

Greg Chapel said Pat Cummins (pictured) is an excellent candidate to take over as the captain of Australia. -AP

“Obviously, Paine’s embarrassment is very serious; his family will be the same. They will not be seen on Friday, but there is no doubt that they suffer privately,” wrote AustralianSenior cricket writer Gideon Haigh.

“However, CA’s board actually chose to increase their humiliation because otherwise it would jeopardize their company’s reputation-Paine’s reputation is a great help in rebuilding.”

At the same time, former Australian international Greg Chapel supported deputy captain Pat Cummins to replace Paine. “Fortunately, at Pat Cummins, they have an excellent candidate and are ready,” Chappell wrote in the statement. Sydney Morning Herald.

“Like Paine before him, Cummins will not only lead the team, but also rebuild confidence in this role and Australian cricket.”

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