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After the devastation of Moeen Ali, Shane Warne conducted a cunning excavation on India because it did not include Ravichandran Ashwin

Former Australian leg spinner Shane Warne brazenly stated that India made a mistake not including their chief perimeter spinner Ravichandran Ashwin.Rear Shadu Thakur Injured, everyone wanted Ashwin to come back to the side, but Isante Sharma was selected instead of him.

In the second game of the five test series against England, the Indian team entered with four preferred sealers, thus extending their tails. The decision to do so caused controversy, and some people said Ashwin did nothing to get him down.

Since the situation in England is generally favorable to the Pacers, the Indian team management chose four people, and Ashwin was excluded. However, on the 4th day of the test, England’s all-rounder Moeen Ali woven a net around the Indian batsman, allowing the visitors to stagger with a score of 181/6 at the end of the 4th day of the game.

Ravichandran Ashwin (Image source: Twitter)

Moeen produced a lot of bounces and was able to buy a considerable number of spins on the deteriorating Lord circuit. This prompted Shane Warne to dig into the Indian team’s options, he wrote on Twitter:

Spin the spinner of the game! ! ! ! Surprise surprise, this is why you always play spinner under any conditions! Remember, you will not just choose a team for the first game. Spin to win @SkyCricket.

Shane Warne’s opinion can be confirmed on day 5

India has a separate spinner in Ravindra Jadeja and he is used more as a damage control bowler. He came in to free the Pacers from their shifts and give them time to catch their breath. It will be interesting whether he can get the same number of turns as Moeen.

India, United Kingdom
Moeen Ali intervenes with two key wickets [Image-Twitter]

At the end of the 4th day, India faltered with a score of 181/6, only leading England by 154 points. Rishabh Pant, accompanied by Ishant Sharma, at the crease.

The court is not as easy to hit the ball as it was on the 3rd day, and the ball hitting speed is a bit slow. Therefore, a cunning person like Ashwin can put a lot of pressure on the batter. The ending of this game is very interesting, all three results are considered possible.

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