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After New Zealand, England has now cancelled the men’s and women’s team tournament against Pakistan.

Monday, the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) It was announced that they would withdraw from the men’s and women’s teams of the Pakistan Tour scheduled to be held next month.

“We know that people are increasingly worried about traveling to the region, and believe that continuing will put further pressure on gaming teams that have been operating in a restricted Covid environment for a long time,” The European Central Bank said in a statement.

The men’s side was originally scheduled to have two T20 international matches on October 13th and 14th, and the women’s side will have three one-day international matches on October 17, 19th and 21st.

All games will be held in Rawalpindi.

Chairman of Printed Circuit Board Ramiz Raja In a tweet, he expressed his disappointment with the decision of the European Central Bank.

“Disappointed with England, gave up their promise and failed the members of the Cricket Brotherhood when it was most needed. To survive, we will inshallah. It is a wake-up call for Park Team to become the best team in the world. Let the team line up without any excuses.” Raja wrote on Twitter.

Last week, the Black Caps flew out of Pakistan after giving up their limited series against the hosts because of a security threat from Pakistan. new Zealand government.

Tom Latham Company In their first Pakistan tour in 18 years, they should have played 3 ODIs and 5 ODIs. Just an hour before the scheduled start of the Rawalpindi ODI series opener, they withdrew from the tour.

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