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After Mulla’s embarrassment, the confused Antonio Conte aimed at the Spurs

Tottenham Hotspur boss Antonio Conte revealed tonight his concerns about the club’s situation, which is understandable because his team lost to Mugla with a shocking defeat.

Triumphant Wall

Not long ago, the Italian tactician Conte led him to resume operations.

After scoring two wins and one draw in the first three games on the club’s bench, the experienced tactician entered tonight’s game without a doubt. He is confident of four wins and three losses against the Slovenian fisher Mulla.

However, when everything was said and done, Lily White couldn’t finish his work in an embarrassing way.

After Amadej Marosa joined Tomi Horvat’s opener, the Spurs defeated the Spurs by two goals to one. This was the latest wave in a series of disappointing performances, basically the last kick of the game:

“understand situation……”

And, as mentioned above, if Antonio Conte’s latest comments are valid, then, obviously, the former Juventus and Chelsea boss is now beginning to piece together a more complete understanding of the scale of work. London.

In an interview with the media after the full-time whistle in Slovenia tonight, the Tottenham Hotspur boss was inevitably attracted by his team’s dismal performance against Mugla.

Conte confessed without shyness that the current level of the club is “not that high” and that there is a “significant gap” between Lilywhites and the top European clubs:

“Three weeks later, I started to understand the situation.”

“It’s not easy.”

“At present, the level of Tottenham Hotspur is not that high.”

“I am very happy to stay here, but we must work hard to improve the quality of the team.”

“We are Tottenham Hotspur, but there is a major gap with the top team, but I am not afraid.”

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Tottenham Hotspur betting odds, next game:

Burnley vs. Tottenham Hotspur odds: the result, the two teams score, the correct score and the shooter

Burnley vs. Tottenham Hotspur match result/Both teams score Yes Do not
Burnley 6/1 11/2
Tottenham Hotspur 3/1
painting 7/2 10/1

Tottenham Hotspur’s latest video

Dele's shameless nutmeg in training! #shortsDele's shameless nutmeg in training! #shorts

Dele’s shameless nutmeg in training! #shorts

This is absurd. Subscribe to make sure you don’t miss the Spurs video…


Antonio Conte participates in Rondo in training!Antonio Conte participates in Rondo in training!

Antonio Conte participates in Rondo in training!

Watch the training video of Hotspur Way as the team is preparing to play against NS…


Premier League Table

# team Member of Parliament D phosphorus
1 Chelsea Football Club 12 26 29
2 Manchester City 12 19 26
3 Liverpool Football Club 12 twenty four 25
4 West Ham United 12 9 twenty three
5 Arsenal Football Club 12 -4 20
6 Wolverhampton Rangers 12 0 19
7 Tottenham Hotspur Football Club 12 -6 19
8 Manchester United 12 -1 17
9 Brighton & Hove Albion 12 -2 17
10 Crystal Palace 12 1 16
11 Everton 12 -3 15
12 Leicester City 12 -5 15
13 Southampton 12 -3 14
14 Brentford Football Club 12 -1 13
15 Aston Villa 12 -4 13
16 Watford Football Club 12 -4 13
17 Leeds United 12 -8 11
18 Burnley 12 -6 9
19 Norwich City 12 -20 8
20 Newcastle United 12 -12 6
player team Target
Salah, Muhammad Liverpool Football Club 11
Vardy, Jamie Leicester City 7
Mane, Sadio Liverpool Football Club 7
Antonio, Mikhail West Ham United 6
Jota Diogo Liverpool Football Club 5
Cornet, Maxwell Burnley 5
Rafinha Leeds United 5
Thrall, Ishmael Watford Football Club 5
Dennis, Emanuel Watford Football Club 4
James, Reese Chelsea Football Club 4
Fernandez, Bruno Manchester United 4
Gallagher, Connor Crystal Palace 4
Ronaldo, Cristiano Manchester United 4
King, Joshua Watford Football Club 4
Smith Rowe, Emil Arsenal Football Club 4
Bentek, Christian Crystal Palace 4
Aubameyang, Pierre-Emerick Arsenal Football Club 4
Sun Xiangmin Tottenham Hotspur Football Club 4
Zaha, Wilfried Crystal Palace 4
Firmino, Roberto Liverpool Football Club 4

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