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AFCON controversy erupted as referee called full-time early…twice!

VIDEO: AFCON controversy as referee played full time early...twice!

African Cup of Nations is underway

The Africa Cup of Nations started this week after being postponed to 2021 due to COVID-19.

There have been a series of shocks (including Egypt losing their first group game) and heroes have been discovered, such as the unorthodox Sierra Leone goalkeeper who won his side’s draw, which proved to be a fascinating, if low-count. points game.

For information on how to watch each match of the tournament, click below:

Africa Cup of Nations live

Strange events in the Tunisia-Mali match

And now, Mali and Tunisia have staged some truly remarkable spectacles in the group stage, with both sides playing their first games in a match.

First of all, after 85 minutes of the game, the referee blew the full-court whistle, and Mali led 1-0.

Then, seemingly realizing his mistake, he let the game go on. However, with 20 seconds left before any potential extra time, which is expected to be a lot, the referee stopped the game a second time, and this time it was good.

Despite several VAR checks, a red card and two penalties, the referee seemed to think no extra time was necessary, leaving the Tunisian game and coaching staff confused and angry, who was still chasing the game.

Hopefully the referees will improve rather than spoil what has been a fascinating game so far.

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