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Adam Gilchrist appointed a star who became the “front runner” of the Australian captain in a cricket test

Former Australian captain and legendary goalkeeper Adam Gilchrist Has been nominated as the leader of Australia’s next cricket team captain After Tim Payne decided to quit the captain Because of the SMS scandal.

Payne was revealed on Friday that after Western Australians posted a series of obscene text messages at the end of 2017, he resigned as the Australian captain on Friday.

Gilchrist led Australia in 6 tests and was the deputy for both tests Steve Waugh with Ricky Ponting, Named fast bowler Pat Cummins Become the next leader in Australian red ball cricket. Gilchrist believes that Cummins is the “front-runner” leading the Australian team in the red ball mode, especially considering that the New South Wales Pacers are also the current deputy captain of the Australian Test team.

“I think Pat Cummins is the front runner there. I have no problem with him having the first chance. If he is keen to do this, they should have him, and given that he is the deputy captain, he must be quite happy to be this. Role,” Gilchrist said, as quoted

The 50-year-old observed that Cummins is an important part of the team and grows more as a player.Gilchrist also shared his thoughts on the former captain Steve Smith, He is also vying to become the captain again. The cricketer turned to a commentator that although Smith may become the captain of Australia again, Cummins will now be given priority.

“I just think that Pat Cummins has developed into a more indispensable part of that team, and his knowledge of the game and the experience he has are also growing. I think this is a situation, when you are away, To some extent, others have surpassed you. Steve Smith is likely to be captain again, but Pat Cummins will be the one they rely on now,” Gilchrist added.

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