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7 goals, a 6-man team, pretending to be “injured”, suspended for 45 minutes

One of the most bizarre events that football can see throughout the season took place in Portugal on Saturday night.

Covid chaos

The conflict in question sees the relegation battle Belenenses welcomes the champion Benfica team to the Jammor National Sports Center to participate in the Primeira Liga showdown.

In the preparation phase of the game, the visiting team Benfica is regarded as a popular team, which is understandable, after they had 9 victories and 1 draw in the first ten games of the season.

However, few people would have expected that a one-sided pornographic performance would actually be staged.

Before the kick-off, news began to appear on the Internet that the major outbreak of Covid-19 had severely damaged Belenenses’ team and the club’s 14 players were forced to self-quarantine.

In turn, the immediate assumption is that the conflict will be cancelled and carried out at a later date.

However, the strange thing is that this is not the case, so the hosts have no choice but to send a nine-man starting lineup, including a pair of goalkeepers:

Things are in your own hands

Benfica, from here, showed a little pity, opened the night’s scoring in the opening only 24 seconds, and then added 6 (yes, 6) goals before halftime, by Darwin Nunez (3), Harris Seferovich (2) and Julian Weigel.

However, after Jorge Jesus’ team reappeared in the second half, it was soon made clear that Berennis was not prepared for another 45 minutes of torture, which, frankly, was an unnecessary single Side action.

After all, in the first half of the game, Benfica has scored 17 shots and 83% possession.

In turn, only 7 of the home team’s original 9-man lineup returned to the court.

In Cruzquebrada’s now ridiculous scene, the referee ordered the game to restart, then blew the whistle and kicked the second half into the game.

However, shortly after the restart, a Belenenses star fell to the ground due to “injury” and was considered non-existent, leaving those in the middle with no choice but to bring a clear half of the conflict.

This is of course accompanied by the rules of the game, that is, no team may continue to play a role in the game without at least seven players.

As a result, in a frank and awkward night in Portuguese football, the game was officially abandoned…

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