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64-year-old Bernhard Langer won the Dominion Energy Charity Classic, breaking the championship age record

Richmond, Virginia– Bernhard Lange At the age of 64 on Sunday, he became the oldest winner in the history of the PGA Tour Championship, defeating Doug Barron A 6-foot birdie putt on the first hole of the Dominion Energy Charity Classic playoffs.

The German star has won for the 42nd time in a tour of 50 years and older, and also the first win since March 2000.

“It boils down to putting,” Lange said. “That’s how tight it is outside.”

At 64 years, 1 month and 27 days, Langer broke the age record of 63 years, 5 months and 4 days Scott High When he teamed up with Tom Pernice Jr. to win the 2019 Bass Pro Shops Golf Legend.

Lange ended the game with a 3-under 69, and also caught a 5-par on the 18th hole of the regular season. At the Country Club of James River Course in Virginia, he scored a 14-under 202 with Bar. Lun match up.

“This is a very special victory,” Lange said. “It’s been a long time, and I got some very, very close calls, which is frustrating and disappointing in a sense. So when it does happen and you win, it’s very exciting.”

Before this season, he had entered the final group six times, but did not win. The two-time Masters champion has won 9 victories since he was 60 years old. Barron also birdied in 68. He missed a 6-foot birdie attempt in the playoffs, and Lange ran into the winning goal, ending five consecutive playoff losses.

“He is just an anomaly. He is very, very talented, he is one of my heroes and good friends,” Barron said of Lange. “I am lucky to call him a very close friend. If I am going to be defeated, I don’t mind being defeated by him.”

Lange, also the 2017 Richmond champion, expanded his lead in the Charles Schwab Cup season standings in the opener of the playoffs.Second round leader Steve Flesch After shooting 73, he ranked third with a score of 12 under par. Ernie ElsA score of 63 to tie the course record ends with a score of 11 under par Kenduk (68), Petrovic (71) And the first-round leader Steven Alker (72).

Defending champion Phil Mickelson He scored 71 and tied for 47th, tying par. He scored three victories in five senior games and won the Furyk Constellation and Friends game in Florida two weeks ago.

The second game of the playoffs was held in Boca Raton, Florida two weeks later.


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