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5 points for the New Jersey Devils 3-1 victory over the Blue Jackets

After a difficult 5-3 loss to the Boston Bruins on Tuesday night, the New Jersey Devils 3-1 defeated Columbus Blue JacketsJack Hughes led again, scoring goals and two assists, but there were many other outstanding performances. Before the end of their home court in Columbus and the Blue Jackets tomorrow night, here are the five key points of their victory.

Blackwood’s big rebound performance

This is not a great season Mackenzie BlackwoodHe entered the game with a save rate (SV%) of 0.895 last night, which is one of the players with the worst save rate of qualified starters in the league. But he rebounded well in the Devils game, stopping 31 of the 32 shots he faced. That was the first time he exceeded 0.900 in SV% since he played against the Philadelphia Flyers on December 8, when he had 25 saves and closed the door.

New Jersey Devils goalkeeper Mackenzie Blackwood (Photo: Jess Starr/Hockey writer)

Blackwood performed particularly well in the first stage. The Devils scored the first goal of the game, but it was the Blue Jackets that controlled the game in the opening game. They lead the Devils in the 5 vs. 5 match with a score of 25-13, and they have 2.16 expected goals (xG) in all aspects. Blackwood stood high and allowed only one goal, which was the only one he gave up in the next game.

Overall, Blackwood completed one of the best performances of the season with 2.58 goals exceeding expectations. In the first stage when they shouldn’t be participating, he kept them in the game. Considering that the team has had a considerable amount of rest time in the schedule due to the COVID delay, he is expected to continue to move forward. So they need him to provide more to maintain their impressive game since the Christmas holiday.

Hughes continues to show why he was the first overall choice

Another game, another “impressive” performance from Jack HughesWith a goal (empty net) and two assists, he now scored 12 points in five games after the Christmas holiday-197 points in 82 games. Over time, this situation will decline, but he and teammate Jesper Bratt (Jesper Bratt) dominate the game with a score of five to five.

Hughes’ Corsi percentage (CF%) is 51.43% and xG% is 54.48%. He is creating opportunities for himself and his teammates because he leads the Devils in field goal contribution (a field goal assist is a pass that leads to a field goal):

Tonight #NJDevils forward’s 5v5 shooting contribution. Jack Hughes-as always-takes the lead. Considering that Vesey and Bastian are required to play on top of their heads, the ability of the second row is surprising. https://t.co/733ZVQxcm4

He hasn’t been there yet, but Hughes is becoming one of the best players in the NHL.That’s why the devil gives Hughes and Hughes renew their contract for 8 years and $64 million Just before Thanksgiving. Scored 20 points in 18 games, which allowed him to score 91 points in 82 games. This is the $8 million production cap, and then some. Even considering that the Devils have a chance to make the playoffs, there is still a long way to go. But at least, Hughes playing at this level for the rest of the 2021-22 season should bring some fun hockey and allow the team to participate in meaningful games in March and April.

Hischier will never miss a beat, even for new line friends

Nico Hischier returns to the lineup After missing a game due to lower limb injuries. Although his lines did not score, they did have an impact. Hischier and teammates Nathan Bastian and Jimmy Vesey slipped the Blue Jackets to the ground in a five-to-five result. After the trio played, the Devil’s CF% was 77.78% and the xG% was 71.51%. They defeated the Blue Jackets 6-2 and won the high-crisis battle 4-0.

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Looking at the lines during skating before the game, one person (including myself) would not guess that a trio would click, but it did. Bastian played one of his best games of the season. He scored three goals and assisted once. Vesey did not find the score sheet, but he was very eye-catching. When the final horn sounded, he led the team with CF% (81.82%) and xG% (83.28%). For at least the next few days, Pavel Zacha, Yegor Sharangovich, and Andreas Johansson are all in the COVID agreement, and the Devils will need Vissi, Sihir and Bastian repeated his performance until reinforcements arrived.

Siegenthaler & Severson closed it again

It’s been a while since the Devils had a real lockout defensive pair. But they now seem to have one of Jonas Siegenthaler and Damon Severson.and Doggy Hamilton is out indefinitely After undergoing a mandibular fracture repair operation, Sigenthaler and Severson have been undertaking heavy work. They delivered in those minutes.

The Blue Jackets are understaffed, but their top strikers are in the lineup. Siegenthaler and Severson accounted for the majority of these duels. When they were matched with the best players of the Blue Jackets, the Devils had a clear advantage in CF% and xG%:

Although xG% is not shown in the graph above, for Siegenthaler and Severson, it hits 50% or higher for all these players. Especially Siegenthaler began to become one of the elite defensive players of the NHL.For one Devil gains Last season only won the 2021 third-round pick from the Washington Capitals, and it turned out that he is one of their most valuable additions.

As for Severson, he has received a lot of criticism from Devil fans on social media, but this is baseless. He is a top 5-on-5 defensive player on the fringe, and he can handle the playing time he will get with Siegenthaler. If they continue to close the opponent’s top line as they do now, they will help give the devil a chance every night.

Devil penalty kick appears clutch

The blue jacket may be missing Zach Werenski due to the COVID agreement, But they still have top power game weapons. However, the Devils’ penalty kicks withstood the challenge, as they killed all four strong teams in the Blue Jackets. They did it the way they did most of the season.

The Devils have one of the best shot-suppressing penalty killers in the league; only the Carolina Hurricanes are better. Last night they showed why this is the case, because they only allowed the two high crises of the Blue Jackets to work. With four successful kills, the Devils now have a penalty kick success rate of 82%-ranking 11th in the NHL. As their strength began to improve, their special team finally began to have a positive impact.

Tomorrow night, the Devils will end this week’s game and their home court in Columbus. Assuming that no one else enters the COVID agreement, it is expected that there will be problems with the same lineup. If they behaved like them in the last 40 minutes of last night, they should have won their fifth victory in six games.

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