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4 takeaways from Sharks’ OT win over Detroit

The San Jose Sharks have picked up a new habit and put together a nice little streak.

captain shark logan fashion On Jan. 11, his team returned to the ice with a miraculous overtime victory in a 3-2 victory over the Detroit Red Wings at the SAP Center. If that score sounds familiar, it’s because the Sharks won three straight games by that exact number. First, they beat the Buffalo Sabres 3-2 on Jan. 6 and then beat the Philadelphia Flyers two days later with Thomas Hertle’s natural third-quarter hat-trick. If this continues, San Jose could go straight to the playoffs at 3-2.

As things stand, the Sharks can celebrate playing well, start their home game on a positive note, and avenge the Red Wings’ ugliness Detroit lost 6-2 a week ago. They even managed to dodge a fake octopus thrown on the ice at the last minute.

The Captain’s Dramatic Return

Couture missed three games on the COVID-19 protocol roster, so having the captain back in uniform is a good thing. His unusual and exciting goal on the back won the victory, a terrific reward for Sharks fans and his team.

Logan Couture (Gary A. Vasquez-US PRESSWIRE)

San Jose guard Brent Burns For a split second, he looked like he was going to be a hero, and he did put up a three-assist game. He fired a shot into the body of Detroit goaltender Alex Nedeljekovic, who lost track as the puck slowly flowed through the crease and toward the net. Couture, tangled with two Red Wings, went down to the ice but was able to sweep the puck in to end the game with 1:10 going into overtime.

There was a delay when officials checked Sharks forward Jonathan Darren for offside, but the goal remained.

The most impressive part of the show was Couture’s ability to perform in all the commotion that was happening around him, including Octopus, which was ruled not part of the show. Couture has been great at home, scoring 11 points in their last 10 home games.

Sharks continue to have OT

If the Sharks do make the playoffs, their success in overtime will be a big reason why it happens.

San Jose went 6-0 in overtime impressively and won two straight in overtime. Those are key points for a team trying to catch up in the playoffs, according to head coach Bob Boughner.

“These are huge because these are the points you see at the end of the season,” Bob Bowner says“It’s great to see us feel comfortable in these close games and find a way to win.”

The Sharks looked very confident when the game was over, and there was a marked difference in their energy levels compared to the Red Wings. San Jose just wants to win those games.

SJ proves it can fight back fast

The Sharks’ most impressive moment came after they trailed early in the third quarter. At that point, they had beaten Detroit outright, but were held to a goal by Nedeljekovic, who was terrific with 37 saves.

Detroit tied the game in the second quarter and took the lead early in the third with a soft goal from Nickelodey, who slid carelessly across the neutral zone and caught San Jose goaltender Aden Hill off guard. The Sharks were suddenly behind the game they had been leading.

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Jeffrey Viel gave a gritty answer to Ledy’s goal after 1:20. Viel scored on the ice, as Couture would do later. When the puck hit the net, he slid onto the ice and into Neder Lekovic. It was apparently a casual encounter with the goalie, and the Detroit bench player chose not to challenge the game.

It was Weir’s second goal of the season and his quick reflexes prevented the Red Wings from gaining any extra momentum.

Lascar makes NHL debut

Adam Laska He got his first taste of the NHL, and the 20-year-old forward played pretty well.

He only recorded an ice time of 6:54, but was active with 3 hits and a plus-minus rating of 1. Raska has 6 points and a +3 rating in 21 games against AHL’s San Jose Barracuda.

He can only hope his many games in the NHL go as well as his first.

Scott Linesburgh has been a sports writer for 35 years and a professional hockey beat writer for over 15 years. He has covered some of the biggest sporting events, including the Super Bowl and the Indianapolis 500. Scott, a native of Long Island, New York, and an Islanders fan since he was a kid, covered the San Jose Sharks for THW and was always on the lookout for stories beyond the box score.

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