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4 points from the loss of the New Jersey Devils shootout to the wild

After a 30-minute delay in the start of the game, due to Minnesota wildlife gets stuck in Thanksgiving traffic In the Lincoln Tunnel, the New Jersey Devils and Wild Team crashed into the ice at the Prudential Center.this The Devils finally lost 3-2 Equalized the score in the penalty shootout after the third quarter. But of course they deserve a better fate than last night. The following are some notable gains from their better efforts in this season’s loss.

Hischier leads the comeback

This season, Nico Hischier has been the subject of criticism from fans on social media. Of course, he may only have two goals, but this criticism is largely unfounded. He did almost everything the head coach Lindy Ruff asked him to do, and last night was another example. After falling 2-0 in the third quarter, Hischier led the comeback effort and received major assists in the goals of the two Devils.

For Hischier, it was another strong night. He completed the five-to-five match with a 65.22% percentage (CF%) and an expected goal percentage (xG%) of 62.14%. This season he scored 12 points in 17 games-close to 58 points in 82 games. He has performed very well recently, scoring 10 points in the past 11 games. It’s nice to see him score more goals, but he is creating them. He can also be said to be the team’s best defensive forward.He’s powerless right now, and that’s exactly what the Devils need, and Jack Hughes continues from Dislocated shoulder.

The devil deserves two points

Although Hischier helped the Devils win one point, they should have scored a second point. This is one of their better efforts in the 2021-22 season, as they dominated the game 5 to 5 in three stages. They have a 55-33 shot advantage (62.5 CF%) and xG% is 67.76%. As we can see in the game flowchart of Natural Stat Trick, their game rarely declines:

The flow of the game between the New Jersey Devils and the Minnesota Wilds on November 24, 2021

There are several reasons why the Devils lost. One is Cam Talbot’s outstanding performance in Wild’s network. He stopped 40 of 42 shots and ended with a higher-than-expected 1.67 goals. The Devils also hit four pillars, so when they surpassed Talbot, they had almost no ice hockey luck. This is how hockey sometimes works. However, if they can seize the opportunity, they want to repeat this performance in the game against the Nashville Predators tomorrow night.

The devil’s power continues to waver

If there was a clear negative impact on the Devil’s efforts last night, it was their game of power again. They do shoot more frequently, which is a step in the right direction. One of their four posts also appeared in a powerful game directed by Jimmy Vesey late in the third quarter. Nevertheless, it ended on 0/4 night. They gave up an underhanded goal in the first quarter, which proved to be very important in the final score. They played 5 vs. 3 for just over a minute late in the third quarter, but they couldn’t switch.

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In the end, the strong play of the Devil team is an important reason why they did not win in the regular season. They only make connections on 13.7% of Game of Thrones opportunities, which is not good enough at all. The team is currently finishing the season with 96 points. But in order to maintain this, their power needs to be better. It should help to get Hughes back, but it is clear that they have systemic problems that need to be resolved in order to bring their power to where they are needed.

Severson stands out

If there is one player who is the typical representative of the Devil’s bad ice hockey luck last night, it is Damon Severson.He hit the pillar twice and then set Doggy Hamilton Opened a big net with a beautiful pass in the third quarter. But Hamilton couldn’t control the ball cleanly, just shot from outside the net.

Damon Severson
New Jersey Devils guard Damon Severson (Photo: Amy Owen / Hockey writer)

Nonetheless, Severson was perhaps the team’s best defender last night. He ended the night with a CF% of 69.23 and a five-on-five of 68.29 xG%, and he had four shots, seven shots, and two scoring opportunities. He could easily play multi-point games, but that doesn’t mean. Having said that, this is the performance that the Devil team hopes and needs Severson to move forward. If he can help generate offense when Hamilton is not on the court, it will help a lot, especially when Hughes returns.

Player notes

  • Jasper Blatter The score sheet was not found, but he was already on the ice. His CF% was 67.86 and he led the team with 82.9 xG% in five-on-five. That is seven shots, seven shots, four scoring opportunities, and a high-risk meeting. He has been the Devil’s best offensive promoter in recent weeks, and he doesn’t seem to slow down.

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  • After Yegor Sharangovich found the net again, he tied the game with additional attackers in the third quarter. This is another effort he made at five-on-five, because he has 61.9 CF% and 60.99 xG%. This is also his second consecutive game at the center position. When Hughes returns, will Love keep him there and transfer Dawson Mercer to the right wing of the team’s top six? He needs Sharangovich to maintain the center position, but this needs to be monitored in the next few games.
  • PK Subban is not the previous PK Subban, but he has played very well recently. Last night was no exception, he ended with 65.71 CF% and 70.59 xG%. Obviously, he and Jonas Sigenthaler are the team’s second defensive partner.
  • Tomáš Tatar had a slow start with the Devils afterwards Sign up as a free agent this summer. But it seems to be slowly starting to come for him. His assist for Pavel Zacha’s goal was his fifth point in the past seven games. His five-on-five ice scores also began to rise slowly.
Thomas Tatar, New Jersey Devils
New Jersey Devils winger Thomas Statar (Photo: Jess Starr/Hockey writer)
  • Colton White checked Tay Smith’s lineup and he was Healthy scratchesWhite performed well in Smith’s position, finishing with 66.67 CF% and 60.66 xG%. Smith is an important part of the Devils team’s future, but his performance this season is very struggling. White provides a stable presence next to Severson, so I don’t want him to withdraw from the lineup in tomorrow’s game against the Predators. Smith’s few games can help him clear his mind and readjust things.

As mentioned above, the Devils will face the Predators in Nashville tomorrow. They will end the week with their first game of the season against the Philadelphia Flyers on Sunday night. Victory over both teams will put them in a leading position in the Mets entering December.

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Alex Chauvancy is the New Jersey Devils writer for The Hockey Writers. He has a soft spot for advanced statistics, prospects, signings and transactions.He wrote for the New Jersey Devils fan blog Devil Army blog from 2015 to 2017

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