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3 wild players looking to bounce back in 2022

The Minnesota Wilds had a number of players who stepped up and had a very successful first half of the season. However, with success, there have been struggles, and they have some players looking to get their revenge in the new year. Thanks to their starting keeper Cam Talbot, defender Jared Spurgeon and forwards Joel Erickson-Ek, Nick Bigstad and, most recently, Kirill Karp Rizov was injured and the team had to do some shuffling.

Victor Lasker would have made the roster due to the reshuffle, but was moved to the cab team and likely won’t be brought back unless absolutely necessary due to his poor performance all season. Depending on how things go, he may not be a problem for more games unless Wilder desperately needs to get him back on his feet.especially when the team calls out their heat Young prospects, Marco Rossi and Matt Boldy, who may succeed in the long run. Despite the call and flip line, there are still players who need to bounce back.

Kevin Fiala

Kevin Fiala had a solid first near-full season of 2019-20, and last season wasn’t terrible. However, this season, he’s really struggling Everyone noticed. The hardest part for him is that he’s heading towards a decent season and still hasn’t lived up to expectations. He is expected to have a killer goal-scoring record as he has done over the past few seasons. Frustration with his lack of scoring seeps into his game at times, especially in shootouts.

Kevin Fiala, Minnesota Wild (Jess Starr/hockey writer)

One area he has been particularly good at this season is his shooting.He ranks third on the team with 105 shots, five shots behind the two second-place finishers Ryan Hartman And first-place Kirill Kaprizov (Kirill Kaprizov), they each shot 110 tied. If you count his shooting percentage, he’s likely ahead of everyone else. He’s more vulnerable than almost anyone else in the league.

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His need for improvement isn’t as strong as the others, but Wild could really use him to score goals in a row.If he doesn’t let things go and move on, his day Teams may be numberedHe did get off to a good start in the Winter Classic, with the game’s last goal leading to a frenzy in the final five minutes as the Wild scrambled to try and tie it. Hopefully this will be a quick start for the rest of the season.

Jordan Greenway

Jordan Greenway is a bit contradictory. He is expected to have a big season in terms of points and physicality. He was disappointed with nine points in 26 games because his pace couldn’t match last season’s. In fact, he was lucky to get half of it. He had 33 shots, one of the lowest among wild forwards. His offense isn’t as good as it has been in past seasons. His biggest mistake this season, in addition to scoring problems, is the injury problem. Obviously, there’s nothing he can do about it, which has hampered his game slightly, but he’s been able to make a comeback. He’ll have to do it again, but this time from a COVID protocol, not an injury.

#mnwild forward Jordan Greenway didn’t practice today (NHL COVID-19 protocol).

His game wasn’t all bad, and he made up for what he lacked in hits. His stamina has increased a lot. He’s on track to hit more than 100 attempts this season, and if he hits that number, it’ll be a career high. His hits are important because they have the power to change the momentum of the game, even the momentum of the game. Looking back at his performance, the only stat that didn’t live up to expectations was his scoring. As far as stats players don’t want high stats like time spent in the box and giveaways, he’s done well. He recorded 17 minutes of free throws and had three giveaways, a fraction of what many wild players might aspire to. The next and final player on this list can learn from Greenway’s defensive play.

Frederic Goldrow

With Frederic Gaudero being a newcomer this offseason, it’s hard to know what to expect from him and how he’ll fit into the roster. He was brought in to help fill the hole in their central location in the ice. He bounced between all four lines and ended up floating mostly on the third line between the wing and center. However, his numbers are expected to be higher than they are now. He hasn’t been bad all season, he’s already tied his career high in scoring, but he needs to do more in scoring.

His real trouble is his giveaway count, he has 17 in 26 games. Like his teammate Kapritsov, Mats Zucarello, and Fiala, whose passing moves are so cute that the ball is picked up on the pass, or straight off his own club. It would be great for Wilds if he could specifically clean up that part of his game. He’s had a rough start to the new year, with giveaways at every game. He has a lot of work to do and hopefully he can start soon.

right start

The Wilds may have lost the Winter Classic, but they looked like a brand new team against the Boston Bruins, and in a sense, they were. They didn’t have Talbot, Eriksson Ek, Spurgeon and Greenway, but Wild added Kaprizov to that list.After being hit in the second quarter, he left the game against the Bears and due to upper body injury; The severity of the injury was not detailed, nor how long he could be away.

Kirill Kaprizov Minnesota Wild Winter Classic
Kirill Kaprizov, Minnesota Wild Winter Classic (Photo by David Berding/Getty Images)

Despite the absence of these key players, they secured their first win since December 9 and were helped by strong goalkeepers from their backup Kaapo Kahkonen and rookies Matt Boldy and Marco Rossi and Connor Dewar. These players can’t do it alone, they need Fiala, Greenway and Gaudero to bounce back and finish the year on a strong note, allowing this team to reach its potential in the playoffs.

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