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3 untouchable prospects for the San Jose Sharks entering the 2021-22 season

Since then, the San Jose Sharks have rapidly expanded their potential customer base Doug Wilson Jr. begins to lead the team’s scouting department Before the 2017 NHL draft. After two seasons at the club’s low status, they accepted the transformation of the prospect pool, and the Sharks now have a true blue chip prospect: William Eklund.

However, Eklund is not the only one who has made San Jose’s prospects compelling. Thomas Bordeleau won the NCAA Rookie of the Year at the University of Michigan, Ozzy Wiesblatt performed well on the rough Prince Albert Raiders, Ryan Merkley scored the first four minutes for the San Jose Barracudas, Artemi Kniazev, Tristen Robins and Daniil Gushchin showed off their offensive talents in their respective youth leagues.

Artemi Kniazev of Chicoutimi Sagueneens (André Émond / Chicoutimi Sagueneens)

The Sharks have now re-equipped their team during the offseason, the most notable of which is Including Aden Hill, James Reimer, And Nick Bonino. They greatly filled the team’s obvious loopholes in the 2020-21 season. However, the focus may still be on the future core of the franchise.

Given the weak position of the Pacific Division team, the Sharks may become moderately competitive. If general manager Doug Wilson sees an opportunity to reiterate his club’s status as a competitor, I believe that given his aggressiveness as general manager, he will seize this opportunity. Under this hypothetical situation, there are three prospects that the Sharks dare not change for future success.

William Eklund, left wing/center

This may be the most obvious choice among them.Eklund can Probably the best potential shark Because Timo Meier, Tomas Hertl and Logan Couture all hope to make their debut on the NHL. For reference, Eklund is San Jose’s highest choice since Milan Mihalek in the 2003 NHL draft.

Although his birthday in October made the Swedish winger older in the 2021 draft, it did not greatly limit his potential to become a top six offensive threat. Eklund’s position as a center before the draft year also excites the team because they may have a headline center into a prospect pool that lacked this asset many years ago.

However, Eklund may slowly transition to the center of the NHL, similar to Tomas Hertl’s orbit in the NHL. Eklund is centered on Bordeleau Shark’s development camp last week.

Eklund is a sensational genius, undoubtedly the biggest bright spot for the team in the future. After surpassing the Swedish Junior League in the 2019-20 season, he played 20 games in the Swedish Hockey League (SHL) at the age of 17. This laid the foundation for the forward to complete a complete 2020-21 SHL season in his 18-year-old draft year.

This feat alone is incredible, but the adversity he faces on the road to a brilliant season makes him more hopeful.although Overcome the conflict with COVID-19​​, This prevented him from participating in the 2020 World Youth Championship and appendectomy. Eklund contributed 11 goals and 23 points for Djurgardens IF in 40 games. He scored 14 points in the first 19 games before he and his team slowed down in the second half of the season. His extraordinary vision and offensive instinct contributed to this production.

The Sharks speculate that Eklund may start next season in the NHL or SHL.Per Sheng Peng of San Jose Hockey Now, Eklund even Agree to play with pike If he is on the fringe of the NHL roster, he will start the 2021-22 season.

Given Evan De Kane’s legal status Questioning his position in the NHL and the lack of sample size of John Leonard and Alexander Barabanov, if Eklund performed well in the training camp, he might be in the top six.

The Sharks cannot trade with their best prospects. Eklund is the most confident NHL talent in the team’s pipeline, and he can’t Be processed in any case.

Thomas Bordeleau, China

Another prospect who has the ability to play center but is not sure about staying in the middle is Pordro.He completed an excellent season with the Michigan Wolverines in the NCAA, which guarantees his title Rookie of the year. However, the forward’s 2020-21 season is far from easy.

Bordeleau was supposed to be on the list of winning the gold medal in the U.S. World Youth Championship, but due to a false positive test for COVID-19, he and his teammate John Beecher were fired by the team. Due to COVID-19, his Michigan team is facing expulsion from the NCAA Hockey Championship.

Although he did not show his talents on the international stage, since his 38th selection in 2020, Poldero’s stock price has soared. With 8 goals and 30 points, the 5-foot-10 forward leads the team in scoring, even though the team has famous players first-round rookies Brendan Brisson and Kent Johnson And Matthew Berniers.

The Sharks may also hope to train this young man into a center. According to NCAA regulations, Bodlow will not participate in the Sharks training camp, he will play his sophomore season in Ann Arbor. At the end of the upcoming college season, Poldero may join the Sharks or Barracudas after signing an entry-level contract; Cole Caufield has recently taken the same route.

Bordeleau, like Eklund, uses his vision in the offensive zone to exert influence and create scoring opportunities for his teammates. I think he may be the second best prospect in the San Jose system. Since Eklund and Bordeleau have insufficient center depth, they may not even serve as centers in the NHL.

Ryan Merkley, right-handed defender

Of these three players, Merkley certainly thinks he is Most controversial To ensure a place on this list.In fact, the blue team trumped his peers and became the only player to stay here The roster from last season.

And, yes, the Sharks have allowed Brent Burns and Eric Carlson to lock in the long-term details. Merkley’s entry into the league will require three right-handed offensive defensive players from the Sharks, which feels…repeated. Merkley’s first AHL season had a mediocre offensive performance. So why is he untouchable in my opinion?

Merkley’s loss of points last season should not erase the larger sample size of his junior career. On different teams, the 5-foot-11 defensive player has scored more than every game in all three seasons of the Ontario Hockey League. In his last junior season, he scored a total of 15 goals and 76 points in 60 games with the London Cavaliers.

Ryan Merkley San Jose Sharks
Ryan Merkley, San Jose Sharks, 2018 NHL Draft, Dallas, Texas, June 22, 2018 (Amy Owen / Hockey writer)

After an OHL season with assists per game, Merkley is facing a transition to a professional hockey team, which is starting a new chapter under the leadership of the new NHL coaching staff. Entering the AHL after the training camp, the blue team stayed there for the entire 2020-21 season, scoring one goal and 11 points in 31 games. This is second only to Robbie Russo, who also played forward last season and benefited from the strong play time of the top teams.

The latest shark content:

For most of last season, Merkley was three years younger than any other Barracuda Bluefish. Before his first professional season, he had no preseason or development camp. He partnered with Jaycob Megna, who hardly increased the offensive advantage while being associated with a second strong player, which would benefit Russo or other defensive players as the top team. There are many reasons why Merkley was below the high standard last season.

The Sharks currently have four right-handed guards signed: Carlson, Burns, Merkley and Nicholas Melos. Merkley is easily the best right-handed blue line player owned by the Sharks, and he is guaranteed to be selected in the first round of 2018. Moving Merkley will not leave any elder Burns and Carlson to replace rookie salaries.

Who is movable?

Although I think it is clear that the Sharks should not change any prospects in the near future, fortunately the organization has depth in other positions. Although no one has the offensive ability of Knyazev, the team’s left-back will include future young players Mario Ferraro, Nikola Knizov and Santri Hataka.

Wiesblatt is undoubtedly the team’s best prospect, no doubt a winger. However, the Sharks have made reliable bets on young wingers such as Daniel Gushkin, Brandon Co, Liam Gilmartin, and other NHL-constrained wingers such as John Leonard and Jonathan Darren. No one owns Wiesblatt’s ceilings, but they allow him to move.

Ozzy Wiesblatt Prince Albert Raiders
Oz Westblatt of the Prince Albert Raiders (Lucas Chudleigh/Apollo Multimedia)

On the Internet, the Sharks have a young goalkeeper who is the starter for Hill. Neither Benjamin Gaudreau nor Alexei Melnichuk are particularly good prospects, so I think it can be moved under the right circumstances.

It is very clear that the Sharks should not change any of their prospects, but should focus on developing their recent draft picks. After their last two drafts, the team’s reset prospects are particularly optimistic, and they should strive to make the most of the upcoming window.

Do you agree with my three choices? Let me know in the comments!

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