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3 The Los Angeles Kings’ draft picks did not work in Los Angeles

this Los Angeles Kings‘Draft history has always been solid. They have made some major mistakes in the past, but overall, their drafting abilities are consistent. Where they are less successful is trading their draft picks. Trading talent is always risky, and the Kings do not always succeed when they roll the dice.

Ollie Jokinen

It’s easy to forget the Finnish center Ollie Jokinen It was the Kings pick-the team selected him with the 3rd overall pick in the 1997 NHL draft. Despite such a high selection, and he scored 21 points in 66 games during the rookie season, the team decided to trade him with a heavy trade in the 1999 offseason.He was traded to New York Islanders Exchange with Matthew Billon, Josh Green, and the first-round picks in the draft that year Sigmund Palfi, Brian Smolinsky, Marcel Cusino and the fourth-round pick in the draft that year.

Olli Jokinen (Photo: Andy Martin Jr)

Jokinen’s return will prove to be mediocre. Palfi is an excellent player who led the team to score twice in his four years of playing for the team, while Smolinsky is a reliable contributor to the team’s sixth form. However, since both players have only spent four seasons in the organization, it is difficult for me to treat this deal as mediocre.

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If the return of the Kings is mediocre, then the return of the Islanders is terrible. None of Jokinen’s assets have brought much success to the team, and the Islanders have wasted him.After only one season on Long Island, they traded him What a really terrible deal. The team will trade him and Roberto Lugo to Florida Panthers In exchange for Mark Parrish and Oleg Kvasha.

In Florida, Jokinen would Build yourself into a true elite center. He eventually became the captain of the team and scored a career-high 91 points in the 2006-07 season. He is still the best scorer in team history and has only recently lost his top spot in the standings. He retired in 2015, played for 10 different teams, played 1,231 games and scored 750 points.

Braden Shen

In 2009, the Kings organization and fans made a lot of hype around their fifth overall pick, Brayden Schenn.He will be the perfect punch or two in the middle Anze KopitarUnfortunately, fans of the Kings have never had a chance to see Shen playing for their team. They traded the young center after playing only nine games for the organization. Fortunately for Kings fans, the trade he participated in will play an important role in the team’s first Stanley Cup. In 2011, the Kings traded him to the Philadelphia Flyers with Wayne Symonds and the second round pick of the 2012 draft in exchange for Mike Richards and Rob Bodson.

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As an important part of this deal, Richards will play an important role in the 2012 Copa del Rey victory and made a solid contribution in the 2014 game. Richards’ short-term gains are great, but the long-term effects of this deal are terrible. Richards only played four seasons in Los Angeles, and never scored more than 44 points in a season. Coupled with his failure on the court, personal problems off the court caused his contract to be terminated in 2015. Considering that this deal helped the team win two cups, it’s hard to say that this deal was a bad deal, but so much has already been given up. For Richards, the team may want the former Flyers captain to have more. Return.

Brayden Schenn St. Louis Blues
Braden Shinn, St. Louis Blues (Jess Starr/Hockey writer)

After leaving the Kings, Shen En has developed into a very good second-line center. It took him several seasons to figure out his game, but in the 2015-16 season, he made a breakthrough, scoring 59 points in 80 games. After another stable season in which he scored 55 points in 79 games, the Flyers traded him to the St. Louis Blues. In the 2017 and 2018 drafts, he and Jori Lehtera were traded in exchange for first-round picks. He achieved great personal success in his first season in St. Louis. He scored a career-high 70 points in 82 games.

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However, his second season in the Blues may be his most memorable one, because he helped the team lift their first ever Stanley Cup. For the Blues, he is a very versatile player, whether he is a winger or a center. His versatility and steady 200-foot kick make him an excellent top six forward, capable of any role that is required of him.

Colin Miller

When the Kings drafted him in the fifth round of the 2012 draft, Colin Miller was not a big name. However, after two wonderful seasons with the Manchester Monarchs, fans are happy to see him playing for the Kings. However, before having a chance to play for the team, the Kings traded him. In 2015, they transferred him, Martin Jones, and the 2015 first-round pick to the Boston Bruins in exchange for Milan Lucic. This was one of the worst deals the Kings have seen in my recent memory.Lusic only spent one season in Los Angeles-he played well, scoring 55 points in 81 games-before signing Edmonton Oilers In 2016. The return of this trade is simply horrible for the Kings, who paid a huge price for a declining Lucic.

Colin Miller Buffalo Sabre
Buffalo Sabres Colin Miller (Amy Owen / Hockey writer)

Miller will spend two stable seasons in Boston before being Vegas Golden Knights In the 2017 NHL expansion draft. It was in Las Vegas that he established himself as a reliable two-way defender in the NHL. In his first season with the team, he led the Vegas guard with 10 goals and 41 points in 82 games. In the coming season, he will score 29 points in 65 games.Miller was subsequently traded to Buffalo Sabres’ 2021 second and fifth round picks Choose in 2022.His time buffalo It has been less impressive, although few players have impressed at Buffalo in the past two years. The Kings made a mistake in the trade with Lusic, and Miller’s steady performance since then only sprinkled salt on the wound.

go ahead

The Kings have a good history of trading first-round picks, and the current management team seems to be committed to developing their current talents. In the end, they may have to trade several picks from the past few years. If the history of the King’s trade repeats itself, the team should be fine, but there is still room for improvement.

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