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3 One-Hit Spectacular New Jersey Devils

There was a time New Jersey Devils Every season is a strong contender for the Stanley Cup.

Although the Devil’s Stanley Cup winner list includes famous skaters and future Hockey Hall of Fame members, not all of these talented players have been in Jersey for a long time. The 2000 and 2003 Stanley Cup teams included many All-Star players, but fans may not realize that some players did not spend more than two seasons skating on the team.

Let’s relive the three demons of one-strike wonder.

Jeff Friesen

For Jeff Friesen, the fans of the Devil team will always have a special place in their hearts.

The forward was a key member of the 2002-03 Stanley Cup champion team, but Friesen only played for the New Jersey team for one season after his first Stanley Cup.

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Why Friesen was selected remains a mystery Was traded to the Washington capital From the devil. Nonetheless, his short-lived success in New Jersey is rare and deserves proper recognition, regardless of whether he is labeled as a killer or not.

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The 1994 first-round pick was acquired by the Devils from the then Anaheim Bucks through a 2002 offseason trade. His direct influence shocked Devils fans.

#TBT Today in 2003, Jeff Friesen scored the GWG in the fourth game of the Eastern Conference Finals against the Ottawa Senators at the Continental Airlines Arena!

Friesen trails the great team with 23 goals and ranks second in the team Patrick Elias (28) And it’s fun to watch every night. The most memorable thing about the winger that season was his key performance. He scored four winning goals in the regular season and another four in the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Overall, he scored 10 goals in the Devil’s memorable Stanley Cup game, but more importantly, Friesen scored Winning ball The seventh game of the Eastern Conference Finals was against the Ottawa Senators. Friesen scored a goal in the hostile Ottawa Arena with less than 3 minutes left in the game. This goal certainly reflects Elias’ memories of the winner of the game against the Philadelphia Flyers in Game 7 of the 1990-00 season finals.

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The Devils later defeated Anaheim in another seven-game series after the forward scored five goals in the game against the Ducks and two goals in the seventh game on home ice.

Friesen’s next game was good anyway, but the Devils were eliminated in the first five games of the 2003-04 Stanley Cup playoffs, which also marked his last days in the Devils sweater. For Friesen and the Devils, this is short and sweet.

Joe Nivendick

Similar to Friesen, forward Joe Nivendick It achieved short-term success in New Jersey and 2002-03.

Despite this, the Hockey Hall of Fame member only spent a full season in Jersey. Before joining the Devils in the 2001-02 season, the two-time Stanley Cup champion was already a popular candidate for the Hall of Fame. Record more than 400 goals Cooperated with the Calgary Flames (1986-87-1994-95) and the Dallas Stars (1995-96-2001-02).

Joe Nieuwendyk #25 Dallas Star
Joe Nieuwendyk (mandatory credit: Jeff Gross/Getty Images/NHLI)

At first glance, considering that Nieuwendyk’s arrival was on the 2001-02 NHL trade deadline in exchange for Jason Arnott and Randy McKay, the two fans’ favorites, fans can say to him. Not satisfied with the arrival.

Towards the end of his first season with Jersey, the No. 25 player scored 11 points in 14 games to silence critics. However, his greatness in the Devil’s sweater was appreciated in the following season. Nieuwendyk proved that he is the ideal veteran center for New Jersey to win the Stanley Cup for the third time.

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The 36-year-old player scored 17 goals and 28 assists in 80 games, while also scoring 4 winning goals. Nieuwendyk ranked fifth in the team with 45 points in the 2002-03 season, and the 1985 second-round pick also scored 9 points in 17 games in the playoffs.

Unfortunately, the center Got hurt He didn’t dress for the final against Anaheim in the late playoffs. Maybe he could have influenced the Devils better in that series and helped the New Jersey team win in less than seven games.

Nieuwendyk played 90 professional regular season games in New Jersey, which is the fewest so far compared to Calgary and Dallas. Remember, he played 22 playoff games in New Jersey.

Alexander Mogini

Think it’s fair Alexander Mogini The best pure goal scorer of all time, he is wearing a Devil’s sweater.

Although Mogierney spent only part of the two seasons in New Jersey from the 1999-00 season to the 2000-01 season for the first time, he almost broke the Devil’s scoring record.

Alexander Mogierney New Jersey Devils
Alexander Mogilny, New Jersey Devils (Photo: Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)

In the infamous Russian sniper was Obtained from the Vancouver Canucks through a trade On the trade deadline of the 1999-00 season, Mogierney helped the Devils lift their second Stanley Cup and achieved a historic reversal in the finals against the Philadelphia Flyers.

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In the 6th and 7th games with the Flyers, Mogirney gained two key points after struggling to win his name on the playoff score sheet. He scored the winning goal in a dramatic way late in the third quarter of Game 6, then scored two assists on the winning goal of Ilias, and completed the reversal in Game 7.

The 2000-01 season of the 1985 fifth-round pick in New Jersey was memorable. After Mogirni scored 43 times in the net, this marked the third most goals scored by a Devil player in a single season. In addition to his 43 assists, the winger also added 40 assists and scored a total of 83 points-talking about balance and consistency, right?

Should Alexander Mogilny be introduced to #HHOF? In his 10th year of qualification, this is his resume:-Stanley Cup Champion (2000)-1032 career points. -After winning the Stanley Cup, the Olympic gold medal (1988), and the world championship gold medal (1989), he became one of the 28 members of the Triple Gold Club

The veteran also showed an impressive performance in the 2000-01 playoffs. Mogirni scored 16 points at the crucial moment and scored with two winning goals.

Unfortunately, the Devils lost in seven games Ray Burke And the Colorado avalanche. Mogirney regrettably left New Jersey through unrestricted free agency during that offseason and signed with the Toronto Maple Leafs. His second game with the Devils in the 2005-06 season is unforgettable, but his success in less than two seasons with the New Jersey team is admirable.

Although many New Jersey players have won the Stanley Cup multiple times, the team has received a positive influence from short-lived famous skaters acquired through trade. However, perhaps these short-term success stories are a key part of the championship team and dynasty after all.

Kyle McKenna is a social media expert and freelancer. He also covers the NHL for New York Elite Sports, Fanside and Hooked On Hockey magazines.

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