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3 key points of the Los Angeles Kings’ defeat of the Capitals

this Los Angeles Kings Their eight-game winning streak was broken on Wednesday night and lost to the Washington Capitals 2-0.The Kings played well but couldn’t solve it Ilya Samsonov, The capitals goalkeeper grabbed the 34th save. The team is destined to start losing tight games again, but they can’t get into the habit of losing six straight games earlier this season. Here are the three main points of the loss.

Fast stellar again

Jonathan Quick On Wednesday he resumed his 2021-22 season. The game ended with 36 saves, 0.973 save rate and 1.05 saves, exceeding expectations. In this game, his rebound control is also much better.You can point out that the only negative factor in his game this season is rebounding, but he Cut it out in this game. He was able to freeze the puck seven times, and the expected number of freezes was 7.298, which means that he almost never kicked a rebound that he shouldn’t have. If he also figured out his rebound control now, we may see him improve further this season, which is a terrible idea for the Pacific Division.

Jonathan Quick, Los Angeles Kings (Amy Owen / Hockey writer)

He also continued to consolidate his position as the team’s first goalkeeper with such performance.It will be interesting to see if coach Todd McClellan insists on changing goalkeepers in every game on Saturday, as he may want to get into the net quickly Facing the Carolina HurricaneCarl Peterson has improved recently, but he will need to work harder if he has any hope of defeating Quirk this season. It’s great to see a player that most people think is done has brought such a big recovery to the team.

The Kings scoring problem returns

The inability to score is an important reason why the Kings lost six consecutive games at the beginning of the season. They broke this trend in eight consecutive victories, but they once again fell into offensive difficulties in the game against the Capitals. They were able to shoot multiple times in this game, but couldn’t use the opportunities they had to convert. Samsonov’s scoring ability is good, but the Kings were wasted the entire game.

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They need to find a way to switch opportunities, rather than relying on continuous ups from individual players. Improving the use of power will greatly help this. In fact, I think the style of play against the Capitals looks better. They can create shots in this game, but they cannot produce high-risk scoring opportunities. This is not the time to panic because of the team’s lack of offense, but as the team returns to reality after the Dalian victory, this is something worthy of attention.

Victor Avidson returns

One of the biggest stories of the Kings entering this game is Victor Avidson’s return. Earlier this week, he was activated the COVID protocol and was preparing to leave on Wednesday. He reunited with Anze Kopitar and Dustin Brown on the top line. He looked a little rusty when he started the game, but he quickly got rid of the rust and grew into a game. In the end, he was one of the best players on the team. He aggressively attacks defenders on the offensive end, and the outpost is fast.

Viktor Arvidsson Nashville Predators
Viktor Arvidsson, former Nashville predator (Jess Starr/Hockey writer)

He is still looking for points that can score more than 30 goals a few seasons ago, but he is still playing hockey. I think he needs a little bit of ice hockey luck, maybe a little bit of consecutive scoring, to regain his confidence. When he gets a chance to score, he still looks a bit like fighting a hockey, and may have his own ideas about his scoring struggles. He is now an efficient player, but if he can start to grab the ball at a higher speed, he will be an important addition to this Kings team.

The Kings face a severe test on Saturday

On Saturday, the Kings will face the Hurricanes. This game will be a huge test for the Kings. The Hurricanes are one of the best teams in hockey, losing only two of their 14 games. After ending their winning streak and consecutive scoring, we will learn about the spiritual power of this Kings team. Will they return to a six-game losing streak, or will they bounce back with an outstanding performance? Only time will give the answer.

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