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3 extension candidates for the Blackhawks in the offseason

This past summer, the Chicago Blackhawks showed they’re not afraid to sign players early.immediately after get top defensive player Seth Jones Starting with the Columbus Blue Jackets, they signed the 27-year-old to an eight-year, $76 million deal. This was done before he played a game with Chicago, and it’s been working for the team so far. In 35 games, he scored 3 goals and an impressive 25 points.

Now, this coming summer, there’s a good chance we’ll see the Blackhawks sign more players to extend their contracts. They have some very important players whose contracts expire after next season, so they’d better lock down one of those players early. If not, the 2023 offseason could be a stressful season for the Blackhawks with big changes.

Before starting, it’s important to note that players expiring after this season will not be discussed. With that, here are the three biggest expansion candidates for the Blackhawks.

Patrick Kane

Once the 2021-22 season is over, Patrick Kane He has only one year left on his contract. The 33-year-old winger has been the team’s number one for over a decade, so it makes sense to include him on this list. While the Blackhawks have had another sluggish year, they should be working very hard to ensure the Buffalo native finishes his career in Chicago.

Patrick Kane, Chicago Blackhawks (Jess Starr/hockey writer)

Since being selected by the Blackhawks with the No. 1 overall pick in the 2007 NHL draft, Kane has had a Hall of Fame career. Considered by many to be the best American-born player of all time, Including our own Sean Filipelli. In 1060 games with the team, he has 411 goals, 708 assists and 1119 points. With that, he’s also third in franchise history. However, even as he got older, he showed no signs of regressing. He has seven goals and 31 points in 31 games at this juncture of the season. Once again, he provides elite numbers and is a top player in Chicago.

If the Blackhawks have any chance of being a playoff team again, they need to keep Kane. Plus, he’s the kind of veteran who’s still very good at signing himself to multi-year contracts. Chicago should do the same to him.

Alex Deblink Carter

Alex Deblink Carter is another famous Blackhawks player whose contract expires after the 2022-23 season. Thankfully, the 24-year-old wing is still a restricted free agent, so if the Blackhawks don’t extend his contract by the end of the game, they’ll have him in control. However, seeing how he develops into a star sniper at the NHL level, the Blackhawks should move quickly to lock him down for the long term. He’s the kind of player they should build their future around him.

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Despite the Blackhawks’ poor season, Deblink Carter has been thriving. In 35 games so far, he has an impressive 21 goals and six assists. Assists are low, sure, but it doesn’t matter how much he scores. The 2016 second-round pick was a complete steal for the Blackhawks, and he should be paid handsomely for it. His earnings are expected to exceed the current cap of $6.4 million. He deserves a raise.

Jonathan Toth

Like Kane, Jonathan Toyce is another big-name veteran who will be eligible for a contract extension this summer. The longtime captain will be entering the final year of his current contract next season, which is really a good thing for the Blackhawks. The 33-year-old center’s $10.5 million cap will soon be lifted, and they’ll be able to spend it elsewhere. However, that doesn’t mean Chicago should let him go once it expires. It would be wise to keep him around, but only for a cheaper deal. He’s still a very solid two-way center who needs to retire as a member of the Blackhawks.

Jonathan Toyce, Chicago Blackhawks
Jonathan Toyce, Chicago Blackhawks (Jess Starr/hockey writer)

If the Blackhawks are going to sign Toyce early, it’s likely to be short-term.The veteran center certainly missed the 2020-21 season due to chronic inflammatory response syndrome, so it might be wise to make shorter trades in the future.In addition, he went A slow start to the season, as he has 4 goals and 11 assists in 35 games. Missing the entire season could be to blame, so a rebound from here could be in order. However, even if this production becomes his norm, his mid-six players beyond next season certainly won’t be a bad choice.

It will be interesting to see what the Blackhawks decide to do with these players. DeBrincat has the brightest future, but the other two are the main reason they won three Stanley Cups in the 2010s. If the Blackhawks want to keep that core, Kane and Toyce will be expanded. However, one might argue that the end of their contracts could also open the door to new beginnings. This is especially true when noting their struggles over the past few years. Alas, we’ll have to wait and see what happens, but this summer does have the potential to be another wild summer for the Blackhawks.

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