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3 ex-Rangers have good seasons, 3 are struggling

The New York Rangers have made decisions, like every team, which players to bring back and which ones to move on from. The choices the front office makes depend on performance, salary and age, but it’s not always easy to make. Here are three former Blue Shirts and three players who are out of season in 2021-22.

A Good Season: Pavel Buchnevich (St. Louis Blues)

During his time at Rangers, Pavel Buchnevic showed good and inconsistent qualities at times. It’s hard to say for sure if he can be the top player in the organization.New president/general manager Chris Drury traded him after failing to agree on a long-term contract with a first-three-round pick. St. Louis Blues Sammy Blais and a second-round pick in the 2022 NHL draft.

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Blues agree days after deal for Buchnevic renew his contract A four-year average annual value (AAV) of $5.8 million until the end of the 2024-25 season. The sixth-year striker has been outstanding in his first year with the Blues, with 13 goals and 21 assists in 33 appearances for the 2021-22 campaign. His previous career high was 48 in 2020-21. So he’s sure to hit another record high by the end of the season.

Pavel Buchnevich, St. Louis Blues (Jonathan Kozub/NHLI via Getty Images)

Buchnevic leads the Blues in a number of attacking statistics and leads the team with 12 points so far in the 2021-22 season.Many Rangers fans were frustrated with his performance when he was down, but there were plenty of supporters who praised the team saved him, given what he has done for the Blues this season. It will be difficult for the Blue Shirts to find consistent performance from players on the wing in 2021-22. The former Ranger has clearly proven his 33-game spell for the Blues to be a worthy deal and contract.

Struggling: Kevin Hayes (Philadelphia Flyers)

Rangers trade Kevin Hayes to winnipeg jets Midway through the 2018-19 season, Brendan Lemieux received a 2019 first-round pick and a 2022 conditional fourth-round pick. The Philadelphia Flyers signed the Dorchester, Massachusetts native to a seven-year contract AAV for June 2019 for $7.14. The Orange and Black expect him to be one of the acquisitions to lead the team into playoff contention.

Hayes, however, has struggled in 2021-22, scoring nine points in 17 games. In September 2021, shortly before training camp, he recovered from a sports hernia surgery in his final offseason and then underwent abdominal surgery. Unfortunately, his brother Jimmy, died in august. After returning in November, he suffered another abdominal injury and he was unable to play until early December.

Hayes has had a rough year in 2021, both personally and professionally, as he grapples with the struggles of a Flyers team in another disappointing season. It’s fair to wonder what his future holds in the orange and black, as the team may be looking to make some changes to its roster at the trade deadline and this offseason. After predicting the Rangers would regret trading him, his career has not progressed as he had hoped.

A good season: JT Miller (Vancouver Canucks)

The current member of the Vancouver Canucks spent his first five full seasons in the NHL with the Rangers. JT Miller Traded by Ryan McDonald Traveled to the Tampa Bay Chargers in February 2018 for Libor Hajek, Brett Howden, Vladislav Namestnikov, a 2018 first-round pick and a conditional second-round pick in the 2019 draft. The Blue Shirts are looking to rebuild their roster by trading off veterans who have been with the team for several seasons in order to acquire younger players.

Miller spent the remainder of the 2017-18 season and the entire 2018-19 season with the Chargers before the Canucks acquired him in June 2019 with Marek Mazanec. A third-round pick in 2019 and a conditional pick in 2020. In 2019-20, the Ohio East Palestine had career highs with 27 goals and 45 assists in just 69 games. During 2021-22, He’s the best player on the team, He led them with 36 and 16 points in 35 games.

JT Miller, Vancouver Canucks
JT Miller, Vancouver Canucks (Amy Owen /hockey writer)

Miller, tied for fifth in the league with Nazem Kadri and Adam Fox with 16 strong points, has been a success for the Canucks since Bruce Boudreau was named head coach on Dec. 5. key contributor. Miller’s improvement is a player since the Rangers traded him nearly four years ago. Many blue-shirt fans wanted him back because of his year with the Canucks.

Struggling: Derrick Brassard (Philadelphia Flyers)

Derek Brassard was traded from the Columbus Blue Jackets to the Rangers along with Derrick Dorset, John Moore and a 2014 sixth-round pick for Marion Gaborrick, Steven Delaire and Blake Pallett. Brassard spent the remainder of the 2012-13 season with the Rangers and the next three years before being traded to the Ottawa Senators. In July 2016, along with a 2018 seventh-round pick, he was traded by the Senators for Mika Zibanejad and a 2018 second-round pick.

After playing for the Senators, Brassard played for several teams, including the Pittsburgh Penguins, Florida Panthers, Colorado Avalanche, New York Islanders and Arizona Coyotes, before playing for his current ball The team played for the Flyers. The Orange and Black signed the 34-year-old forward in August, but he has been battling injuries in the 2021-22 season as he has only played in 19 of the team’s 35 games so far. If he continues to battle injuries this year, he could end up being replaced in the lineup.

A Good Season: Tony DeAngelo (Carolina)

The Sewell, N.J. native was involved in an incident with a Rangers teammate in February 2021 that ended his season as he was exempted by the team and told not to go after he was unclaimed. Report. The Blues will unconditionally waive Tony DeAngelo so the remainder of his contract can be bought out by the team. Whether another NHL team would give him another chance is a legitimate question given the events he’s been involved in during his career.

But the Carolina Hurricanes signed DiAngelo to a one-year deal last July, and he’s been a bargain for the team so far. The defenseman, one of the team’s top players, ranks second on the team with 18 assists and fourth on the Hurricanes with 24 points in 26 games. He has had a terrific 2021-22 season, and if he continues his strong performance and doesn’t get involved in any of the more controversial issues, he could be re-signed.

Struggling: Derek Stepan (Hurricane Carolina)

During his seven-year tenure with Rangers, Derek Stepan was one of the most reliable players. Over the past three seasons, he’s scored well below his previous 50-plus average. He had 35 points in 72 games in 2018-19, followed by 28 in 70 games before his three years with the Coyotes ended.

Hurricane Derek Stepan Carolina
Derek Stepan, Carolina Hurricane (Amy Owen /hockey writer)

Last year, Stepan had the toughest season of his career with the Ottawa Senators as he scored just six points in 20 games. His season was cut short because he underwent surgery on a torn labrum in March. The Hurricanes signed Stepan to a one-year deal last offseason, but he has struggled, scoring eight points in 26 games so far in 2021-22. The 31-year-old forward appears to be a deep forward at this stage of his career.

The Rangers have made some decisions that have turned out well, and some that haven’t moved forward with former players. With the midpoint approaching, the team appears to be making a more correct move on how the season unfolds. With the March trade deadline looming, their front office will make more roster changes by adding some players to address their weaknesses.

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