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3 Colorado Avalanche 2022 All-Star Snubs

Let me start off by saying that the title of this article is probably more acerbic than it needs to be.Given this year’s NHL All-Star Weekend format – scheduled for February 4-5 at T-Mobile Arena In Las Vegas – nearly every team has players worthy of elimination. (I’m looking at you, Arizona, when I say “almost.”) Maybe that’s where the problem starts.

Questions about the All-Star Weekend format

Each of the four divisions will field an All-Star team of 11 players — nine skaters and two goalkeepers. NHL Hockey Operations selects ten players for each division; the 11th man on each team—the “last man”—will be voted on by fans. And each team in the division is required to field at least one player.

The limited size means there are only three full seats per division team (one player from the eight teams in the division, plus two players selected by the league, with the final seat voted on by fans.) The league could have dealt with that with a deeper bench — 12 skates and two goalies — or the tournament could have gone 4-on-4 with a larger roster overall.

NHL Central Division (Hockey Writer)

All major sports leagues revise their All-Star game format almost every year, and I hope the NHL will make changes for the 2023 game – which will be in BB&T Center in Sunrise, Florida, home to the Panthers — and create an even bigger roster.

But that’s for next year. Let’s focus on this year.

In case you missed it, here are the Central Division All-Stars announced today:

name team Location
Clayton Keller Arizona Coyotes F
Alex Deblink Carter chicago blackhawks F
Nathan McKinnon* Colorado Avalanche F
Kyle Macal Colorado Avalanche D
Joe Pavelski Dallas Star F
Kirill Kapritsov Minnesota Wild F
Cam Talbot Minnesota Wild G
Juuse Saros Nashville Predators G
Jordan Carew St. Louis Blues F
Kyle Connor winnipeg jets F
last man Fan vote
* Indicates the captain elected by the fans

With Nathan McKinnon selected as captain and Kyle Makar locking down the defense, the league will have a hard time picking a third member of the Avalanche for the All-Star Game. I see. Politics is involved, and there are plenty of worthy players. But Colorado has skaters who, by any objective measure, should go to Las Vegas. Here are the three biggest snubs, in reverse order.

3. Miko Rantanen

Miko Rantanen 40 points is enough to rank eighth in the NHL and second in the Central Division. (A word on the Central Division points leader below.) His 1.33 points per game rank fourth in the division, just behind three other players, all of whom are Avalanche teammates.

Rantanen’s plus-minus-16 tracks only five Central Division skaters, two of whom are also on the Avalanche. His seven power goals put him fifth in the league.

Rantanen came up with those numbers after playing just 30 games, while most other league leaders have played 33 or more. It’s not a fluke. Rantanen’s 66 points ranked sixth in the division last season, behind only Patrick Kane of the Chicago Blackhawks. His +30 leads the entire league. In other words, this guy is a real deal, a well-deserved All-Star.


Michael Jordan has Scottie Pippen. Joe Montana has Jerry Rice. Wayne Gretzky has Mark Messier.and Kyle Macal have Deventus. There is no doubt that Makar belongs to the All-Star lineup. His stats — 16 goals and 18 assists in 29 games (1.17 points per defensive player, a league-leading average), plus 16 points and four game-winners — are unmatched of.

Deventus Colorado Avalanche
Devon Toews, Colorado Avalanche (Photo by Michael Martin/NHLI via Getty Images)

But Toews’ numbers are equally impressive. His 24 points (7 goals, 17 assists) ranked 15th among defensive players in the league, but he only did so in 22 games. His scoring average of 1.09 ranks second among blue-line players behind Makar. (Technically, Ryan Ellis of the Philadelphia Flyers averaged more points per game, but he only played in four games.) Ryan Hartman Minnesota wild lead all Plus 26 skaters.

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Part of the challenge for Toews is that Makar is if only Defensive players are selected for the center zone team, which means that other good defensive players like Roman Josie Players from the Nashville Predators and Seth Jones of the Chicago Blackhawks also stayed home, although both players were last-minute picks; Towns was not.

The Avalanche is 22-8-3 on the season with a .712 winning percentage. When the Toews are in the lineup, they’re 17-3-2, which equates to a .818 winning percentage. Bottom line: He’s a stud and has a different All-Star format that deserves serious consideration.

1. Nazem Kadri

Really, the format of the All-Star Game is too strict to include Toews or Rantanen.the snub Nazem Kadri, However, this is inexcusable. He’s been the best player in the Central Division all season and shows no signs of slowing down. Here’s how he compares to the seven forwards selected for the Central Division:

Player name team general practitioner G One PTS PP/PG positive or negative
Nazem Kadri Cole 30 13 35 43 1.60 Plus-14
Clayton Keller Ali 34 12 14 26 0.76 minus 6
Alex Deblink Carter spend 37 twenty three 7 30 0.81 minus 10
Nathan McKinnon Cole twenty three 6 29 35 1.52 0
Joe Pavelski from 33 15 20 35 1.06 Plus-12
Kirill Kapritsov minimum 32 14 26 40 1.25 Plus-12
Jordan Carew STL 33 14 twenty three 37 1.12 plus-9
Kyle Connor WPG 34 20 17 37 1.09 minus 2
Nazem Kadri compared to named All-Star picks

Kadri leads in points, assists, P/GP, and plus-minus. Part of his problem is McKinnon. If McKinnon hadn’t been voted captain by fans, Kadri might have been picked. But even if McKinnon leaves, the selection committee should give Kadri the honor. He won it more than anyone.

However, Kadri didn’t lose all hope as he is from Colorado last man vote. Voting closes at midnight on Monday (January 17).

Good news for Team Avalanche with a 12th man.Colorado Jared Bednar has been named Coached his first All-Star team.

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