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3 Changes that the Indian team can make in the game against New Zealand

After India lost to Pakistan in the first match of the 2021 T20 World Cup, they did not start their campaign as they hoped. They can make changes in the match against New Zealand. India’s opener was disbanded early, which had a major impact on the game, as it reduced India’s total points to 151 points in the first game.

In response, Pakistan held 10 small goalkeepers to catch up, which is one of India’s long-term humiliating defeats. The fact that Bhuvneshwar did not get an early wicket was exposed, and India also needs to choose a wicket in the middle. As far as the batting line-up is concerned, they may see the slightly fragile form of Suryakumar Yadav. The following are 3 changes that the Indian team can make in the game against New Zealand.

3 changes that the Indian team can make in the game against New Zealand:

Shardul Thakur for Bhuvneshwar Kumar:

Shardul Thakur has been a lot of attention for a long time. Whenever there is a chance to play for the Chennai Super Kings and the Indian team, his performance is very good. He is known as a partner disruptor, who can provide breakthroughs when the team needs him most. He can add up the shot options in order.

Shardul Thakur should play for Bhuvneshwar Kumar, who is in poor form. So far, he looks very abnormal in IPL and India. Bhuvneshwar did not use the new ball to pick up the wicket, which was crucial to his impact in the game, and his bowling ball also performed poorly. He should give way to Shardul Thakur in the lineup.

Shardul Thakur (Image source: Twitter)

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