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3 Canadian Gallagher’s trade destination

this Montreal Canadiens After shocking the hockey world and reaching the Stanley Cup finals last season, they have not yet started the start they wanted.Key injuries did force them to derail, setting a new franchise record for the team Least victories 4 of their first 17 games this season.

So far, key players have not only missed the entire season, but many other injuries have caused them to pull a group of players from the affiliates of the American Hockey League. If this trend continues and there is no quick solution to their problems, I believe Canadians will have to try to start rebuilding.

Fortunately, the Canadians have traded their first-round picks this season, which may become the top five of the strong draft. If the draft picks are among the top 10 picks in the 2022 draft, they still hold the first round picks of the Carolina Hurricanes, but will be transferred to the Arizona Coyotes.

The Canadians have signed many more important players, and there are still many years left, so if they choose this path, it may hurt their reconstruction.A player thinks Can add much-needed gravel Some of the scoring teams are Brendan Gallagher. After this season, with five years left on his contract, interested teams will know exactly how long they have him in the team and what he brings on the ice. In the reconstruction, the Canadians can actually keep some salary to help get more assets, just like other reconstruction teams do to speed up the process.

Brandon Gallagher, Montreal Canadiens (Amy Owen / Hockey writer)

In terms of space, demand, and upper capacity, there are three teams that can be reasonably added to their teams. All of them happen to be in the Metropolitan Department.this Gallagher’s cost can be trickyHis layup percentage is not the most attractive, but he is a tried and tested shooter and competitive. In his age and expected recession, we can see a high selection and a good prospect for the Canadians. Some teams may not want to commit to another five years, but some teams may like the safety of not having to deal with another contract negotiation or player departure.

Hurricanes can add courage to the deep run of the playoffs

The player landscape in Carolina always seems to be changing. Maybe adding another thing that can stay there for a while will benefit them. Although their cap space this season may be a bit tight, the team has done little to add key players to the Cup.

The salary cap issue next season will be much better because the Hurricanes have five upcoming UFAs and five upcoming RFAs. Of course, a few of these players are likely to come back, some earn more and some earn less. When they become legal competitors, it will also bring them additional progress, which seems to be another year.

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An interesting player is Jesperry KotkaniemiThe Hurricanes’ offer made him leave the Canadians, and the team seemed a bit competitive. But will this prevent any transactions from being concluded? Especially if they are not actually in the same department? Kotkaniemi’s performance did not meet the standards of his $6.1 million contract. Fortunately for the Hurricanes, they only signed him for a year and still have his rights. If they don’t think he is part of their future, they can trade these rights after the end of the season. Entering at almost the same price will be Gallagher, a more experienced and mature player.

The other two key Hurricanes forwards who may leave after the season are Nino Niederreiter and Vincent Trocheck. This is the idea of ​​planning for the future in Carolina. Things may go south, and they will lose multiple parts ahead of time without a plan. The biggest obstacle to reaching an agreement between these teams is recent history.

The devil should seek to bring experience

This season has left some hope in the tough Metropolitan Division, New Jersey Devils Players like Gallagher can be used to help them through the storm and feel comfortable when their chances of playing a bigger role in the NHL become more apparent in the near future. He will adapt well to the role of Form 6 and provide goals, active games and leadership for a younger and more skilled team.

Max Domi Columbus blue jacket
Max Domi, Columbus Blue Jackets (Jess Starr/Hockey writer)

The Devils don’t have many veterans, and bringing in someone who has gone deep into the playoffs and knows how to spend a season may be exactly what the team needs to overcome its predicament.

Now, the third production line can increase production on either flank.Although Thomas Tatar could have played better, if they felt he was not improving, Gallagher could be a good substitute for that line, and Swipe down tartare. They will have a lot of options and cap space to complete PK Subban’s $9 million AAV (average annual value) after the end of the season. There are many RFAs that need to be signed, so this is the only potential problem with the devil pulling the trigger in such a transaction.

The Blue Jackets may replace upcoming free agents

The Columbus Blue Jackets are more competitive than many thought before the start of the season. I still don’t believe that they have enough ability to sustain the success of the whole season, but this is just the opinion of a writer. If the Blue Jackets remain competitive, they may not only want to add a player to contribute to this season, but also want to contribute to the future.

They have two contracts that expire after the end of the season, which makes you wonder whether any of them will return.Patrik Laine is a wild card, but He is RFA, So the blue jacket holds some cards.The other man is Max DomieHe is a UFA and his playing style is similar to Gallagher. If they think Domi will not come back next season, or they just don’t want him to come back, Gallagher will be a seamless transition.

One advantage of the Blue Jackets is that they can sign Gallagher for another five seasons. They have enough salary space to undertake the entire contract, just as they have completely acquired Jakub Voracek at a price several million higher than Cam Atkinson. Gallagher will be a good choice to join the six of this team, and once again provide leadership and experience to a very young and inexperienced team that will only become in the near future younger.

All this is just speculation, because we have seen the team start to get worse and turn the situation around. But it may fall into no man’s land between becoming a competitive team and reserving high draft picks. Long-term contracts that do not meet expectations may lead to the reconstruction/reorganization of the Canadians. Gallagher has a six-team modified no-deal clause, plus a no-movement clause, so it won’t cause too many restrictions on the destination where the Canadians can trade him. If the Canadian is not in a hurry to turn things around, please pay attention to his name in the rumor mill.

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