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2022 WNBA free agency: Can the Los Angeles Sparks keep Nia Coffey?

The Sparks finished last season with a 12-20 record and missed the playoffs for the first time since 2011. A disappointing season and the departure of former star Candace Parker to win a championship in her first year as a member of the Sky added salt to the team’s wounds. Sparks fans. Los Angeles isn’t used to losing seasons or letting stars go. If Derek Fisher doesn’t have a better 2022, he probably won’t be in charge of the Sparks in 2023. So, what does he need to do to correct the ship?

by number *

Free Agent (Type) (2021 Average Salary) (Qualifying Offer)

  • Nia Coffey (unlimited) ($70,040)
  • Te’a Copper (Reserved) ($58,710)
  • Marianne Tolo (reserved)

team figure

Total average free agent salary: $128,750

Total Team Salary: $1,282,254

Cap space: $96,946


Nia Coffey (left) and Te’a Cooper.
Photo by Tim Heitman/NBAE via Getty Images

If the Sparks keep everyone on the roster, they’ll only be able to add one more player despite having two vacancies. Fisher hasn’t made any statements about free agency this season, but I think it’s safe to assume some players will be moved. The Sparks have a lot of talented players, but it’s also a long way from championship contention at this point. Most likely a minor rebuild will be required. Fisher might try to keep the players he considers most valuable, trade away some talented players, or acquire assets for future drafts, or pursue star players in free agency. So don’t be surprised if the opening day roster looks very different than it does now.

This is Los Angeles. The pressure to win and compete is always there. This is one of the most storied franchises, with a loyal fan base that always demands more from the team and organization. A 12-20 record in 2022 will be unacceptable no matter what moves are made in free agency. Derek Fisher needs to make sure his team is ready to play this season or it’s going to be a cold summer in Los Angeles.

* All salary figures are from her basketball stats

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