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2021 T20 World Cup: South African star Quinton Decock apologizes; ready to accept the knee

South African Cricketer Quinton Decock Has apologized to his teammates and fans because he was absent from the match West Indies After refusing to follow South African Cricket (CSA) directives before each game with a knee injury.

“I want to first say sorry to my teammates and the fans returning home. I never thought of turning it into a Quinton issue. I understand the importance of opposing racism, and I also understand our responsibility as players to set an example. ,” De Cock said in a lengthy statement.

De Cock said that he understands the importance of opposing racism, and if a kneeling stance helps educate others, he is happy to be a part of it. The 28-year-old further explained that he belonged to a mixed family and that the life of a black man was important to him from the beginning.

“If I kneel on one knee to help educate others and make their lives better, I am happy to do so. In any case, I do not play against the West Indies, especially the West Indies itself. Disrespect anyone.”

“Maybe some people don’t understand that we were only hit by this problem on the way to the game on Tuesday morning. I apologize for all the damage, confusion and anger I caused. Until now, I remain on this very important issue. Silence. But I feel like I have to explain myself,” De Cock added.

De Cock said that he grew up in a way that everyone has equal rights, but there is some confusion in the way the South African Commission passed the directive on kneeling.

The Johannesburg-born man mentioned that after a brief and emotional conversation with the Supreme Board of Directors, the misunderstanding was eliminated.

“For those of you who don’t know, I come from a mixed family. My half-sisters are people of color, and my stepmother is black. For me, the life of a black is important since I was born. Because there is an international movement. The rights and equality of all people are more important than any individual. I have understood since childhood that we all have rights, and these rights are very important.”

“When I was told that we had to do the way we were told, I felt that my rights were taken away. Since we talked to the board last night, it has been very emotional, and I think we have also become more aware of their intentions. Good understanding. I hope this will happen sooner, because what happened on match day could have been avoided.” De Cock explained.

De Kock expressed his gratitude to South Africa captain Temba Bavuma and other teammates for their continued support.

“I just want to thank my teammates for their support, especially my captain, Temba. People may not know him, but he is an excellent leader. If he and the team and South Africa have me, I will be happy to do it again. My country plays cricket,” The chef signed.

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