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100 ball scorer, grinder, Winter Olympics outsider

This is official, Tom Wilson It’s the NHL’s 100-goal scorer-now is the time. The Canadian is now in the ninth season of the Washington Capitals. He has participated in 595 games, 5 suspensions and some major controversies to reach the century mark. Even so, the trials and tribulations he has experienced in his career have not touched the surface.

Wilson is 27 years old (he will be 28 before the end of the season) and is a Stanley Cup champion. He was selected 16day In the 2012 NHL draft, he averaged less than half a point per game in his career.

Tic-tac-toe and a goal! #ALLCAPS This is Tom Wilson’s first ️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ career goal, by the way. 😎 https://t.co/xgfQujuzWY
On December 7, in Washington’s 4-3 defeat of the Anaheim Ducks, Tom Wilson scored the 100th goal of his NHL career.

Wilson is very popular in DC and seen elsewhere as a pantomime villain-which complicates matters when reviewing his records.

So, what should we think of Wilson-grinder, organizer and shooter?

Tom Wilson, grinder

Wilson’s reputation as a grinder (and possibly even a mob) benefits him. Since entering the NHL in 2013, he has led all players in free throw minutes (1,154 minutes), including 18 misconduct and two penalty kicks. His suspension history is also long.

Wilson’s first suspension was a blow to St. Louis Blues forward Robert Thomas in September 2017.Nine days later, he Suspended Again-this time it was four games, Blues forward Sammy Blaise. This will become a habit.

Wilson was suspended for three games due to putting Pittsburgh’s Zach Aston-Reese first in the 2017-18 playoffs.Five months later, he was suspended for 20 games (of which Later reduced To 14) Hit Oskar Sundqvist-also St. Louis-in the head.

2020-21 season, Wilson banned In seven games, Brandon Carlo played against the Boston Bruins.

The list of occasions when Wilson crossed the line is omitted from this article, but Not punished Provided by the Department of Player Safety (DOPS).This of course includes “Horrible Acts of Violence” He committed a crime in Madison Square Garden last season.

If you forget, Wilson slammed Artemi Panarin on the ice without wearing a helmet and only received a supplementary disciplinary fine of $5,000. DOPS came under fire for its handling of the incident, and New York Rangers forward Ryan Strome (Ryan Strome) led the charges against the decision.

“Honestly, I think this is a joke,” Strom says.

Undeniably, Wilson’s reputation is mainly well-deserved. He crossed the line and made no apologies for doing so. But is there more to his game?

Organizer Tom Wilson

In a word, yes.

Wilson scored 245 points in 595 regular season games and 30 points in 82 playoff games.He has 15 assists this season, although he spends most of his time with a The greatest shooter of all time. So, its numbers.

But it is worth surpassing this number-because Wilson began to show his quality in ice hockey and had an impact in the five-on-five game.

Tom wilson washington capital
Tom Wilson, Washington Capital (Jess Starr/Hockey writer)

Although Wilson’s single-season assist record is 23, but this time he will definitely exceed that number. He is currently expected to contribute 47 assists in the 2021-22 season-a testament to the increasing influence of the Canadians on the Capitals possession game. He is more involved in Washington’s offensive organization than ever before-Caps coach Peter Ravellot has noticed.

“I think he handled all of this,” La Villette talks about Wilson’s influence“I think his leadership in the room continues to grow. So all this [two-way impact] Right there, I think it continues this year. “

Tom Wilson, goal scorer

Given the nature of his latest milestone, it is worth evaluating Wilson’s value as a shooter. Many of his 100 NHL goals came from in front of the goal, but he also achieved his due performance in the highlights.

Take the playoff goal against the Boston Bruins as an example.

In the above clip, Wilson broke through the Bruins defense, used his footsteps to defeat Charlie McAvoy the puck, and showed his quick shot to beat Tuka Lask.

In February of this year, Wilson scored an individualistic short-handed goal against the Buffalo Pei Knives, demonstrating his two-way ability.

In the example above, the game started with a rebound and Wilson stole the puck from defender Sam Reinhart. From there, he opened the afterburner and broke into the area of ​​the Sabre and made a nice puck handling before scoring a backhand.

A lot has been said and written about Wilson’s aggressiveness, but he certainly knows how to put the ball in the net and is starting to do so more and more frequently.

Winter Olympics player Tom Wilson?

According to NHL.com’s Tom Gulitti, Wilson is on the Canadian team’s long list for the upcoming Winter Olympics, which shows that he is underestimated as a hockey player and overrated as a thug.

In addition, the trend of “Wilson for Beijing” is accelerating.The 27-year-old player Steve Greeley’s latest Olympic roster predictions (Crazyly, instead of Mickey Manner) – Partly because he has shown that he is trustworthy in high-pressure situations.

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This also helps him play and speak like a trusted professional player.

“It’s fun to play with these guys,” Wilson talks about his Washington teammate“No matter what I can do to compete and play my game. [The] The most important thing now is team victory. We have encountered some adversity, but we are uniting and working hard to continue collecting Ws. “

Wilson had different opinions. He is hated by some people and admired by others. But mentioning his name, people’s reaction will never be a kind of indifference. If you want to measure whether a player’s influence is good or bad, you must consider public opinion. No matter what you think of the Ontario forward, his influence on the Capitals, their opponents and-to some extent-the NHL is undeniable.

Wilson finally achieved his century-old goal-adding a new chapter to his unique career. More people will follow up.

Picture: Luke James

Luke is an award-winning sports journalist from the UK who covers the Washington capital total weightHe has just graduated from Warwick University and is currently studying for a postgraduate degree in Newspaper Journalism at City College, University of London. To learn about Luke’s latest work, you can find his tweets via @LukeJames_32.

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