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10 milestones for Edmonton Oilers players from 2021-22

Before the 2021-22 season, not only the success of the Edmonton Oilers, but also the success of the players are worth looking forward to. Many personal milestones can be reached this season-from the first game to the last game of the season. This list looks at the top 10 personal milestones and some minor milestones that can be achieved.

10. Cody Ceci blocked his 1000th shot

Cody Ceci, the third guard on the Oilers roster who should have achieved 1,000 blocks, There should be no problem reach there. He still has 87 blocks short, and if there are any signs of success in the past full season, his blocks will far exceed 100.

But before his 1,000th blocked shot, Ceci will set the 150th point of his career. He has only lost points in seven games, and his scoring has surpassed every one of his eight seasons in the league.

9. Zack Kassian gets 1,200 views in one fell swoop

Zack Kassian is a machine that processes the body. In his career, his goal is 1,200 hits. He is currently ranked 1,174 and will seek to stay healthy and contribute in the way he knows best. Not only can he easily reach 1,200 hits, but he has also easily reached 1,300 hits this season. Before the injury-ridden 2020-21 season, he had more than 126 hits in each of the past four seasons. A healthy and aggressive Cassian will be able to break these two records in the 2021-22 season.

For grinders/power forwards, points milestones do not appear often. But for Cassian, he does have some offensive talent. His next stop will be 200 points, and he is 18 points away from that score. Injuries aside last season, he scored at least 19 points in the previous four seasons, which can be said to be within reach.

8. Tyson Barry reached 400 points ahead of schedule

After a year of downturn in Toronto, Tyson Barry succeeded in scoring the Oilers for the first time last season. He led all defenders in 56 games with 48 points. The offensive defender won’t have any difficulty in reaching 400 points in the early days, because he hopes to continue his scoring burst last season. Therefore, it is well known that Barry scored a considerable number of goals many times in a season. He needs 12 goals to score 100 goals, and in his career, he has done so five times.

7. Darnell Nurse’s two-legged play has won him 3 milestones

Since getting the first defensive role in Edmonton, Nurse Darnell has been crying. He improves his performance every season, and this year he will get a personal return. After scoring 36 points in 56 games last season, he has the ability to jump into the sprint and score goals. There should be no problem scoring again. It may be close, but it takes 43 points for nurses to reach 200 points in their careers. It looks like he has just entered his prime, so it will be exciting to see what happens next.

Nurse Darnell, Edmonton Oilers, October 21, 2017 (Amy Owen / Hockey writer)

Nurse is also a strong physical force in the defensive zone, with a chance to reach 1,000 hits and 750 blocks. In the past four seasons, he easily surpassed 100 blocks and hits, and he should have no difficulty reaching these points later in the season. His distance between 1,000 shots and 54 blocks is 116 shots, reaching 750 shots.

6. Ryan Nugent Hopkins easily passed 500 points

Ryan Nugent-Hopkins has indeed improved his performance over the past few seasons since moving to the left in the Connor McDavid or Leon Dresettel lineup. He has always been an excellent two-way player, but recently his wrist shooting and scoring ability has been eye-catching. Being established by the two best organizers in the NHL today is helpful, but it will only increase his chances of consolidating his legacy in the Oilers.

The first personal milestone that Nugent Hopkins should reach is the 500th point of his career. He is 22 points away from reaching this goal, and has not exceeded this number in every season of his career so far. Another milestone that needs attention is the 200 goals. He should be the third Oilers forward to reach 200 goals this season. He still has a lot of ways to go because he needs 15 more ways. In the 10 seasons of the NHL, he scored 15 goals in 8 seasons, so he has a great chance of winning.

5. Connor McDavid achieved 3 milestones

As the most talented scorer in the world, McDavid’s scoring seems hard-won.feel like He is reaching a milestone every year. (“Player ratings: Conor McDavid and Leon Dresettel reached an important milestone, leading the Edmonton Oilers to a 4-3 victory over the Canucks,” Edmonton Magazine, May 9, 2021) He is that kind of ruler. There should be no questions about whether he will achieve these personal achievements.

McDavid has reached the 30-goal mark in each of the past five seasons, and has reached the 100-point mark in four of these five seasons. He scored 5 goals in his career to reach 200 points and 26 points to 600 points. There is absolutely no difficulty. These two milestones should come very early. On the other hand, reaching 200 strong play points will come later this season, because he is 26 points away from that point. If the oilers’ strength continues the success of the past few seasons, McDavid will reach it sometime in the second half of the season.

4. Leon Draisaitl lights up and exceeds 600 points

Like McDavid, in this explosive Oilers team, Dresettel scores easily. We can see our first personal milestone of the season in the first game, because he only needs one goal to reach 200. In the past three seasons, his average points per game is 1.43 (P/G), which is equivalent to a full 82 game schedule with 117 points. It takes 94 points to reach 600 points in a career, and we should look for this at the end of the season.

A milestone that should not be overlooked is the 4,000th face-off victory that Draisaitl can also hit. In the past four seasons, he has won an average of 646 faceoff victories, and his winning percentage in each game is also positive-309 is a magic number that fans can find in the middle of the season.

3. Duncan Keith (Duncan Keith) climbs the history of the game list

Dunken Keith continued to be hit by many former players in the game (GP). Currently participating in 1,192 NHL games, he not only has a chance to reach 1,250, but he has a chance to reach 1,174 throughout the 82-game season. This is enough to make him ranked 75th in GP history.

With an amazing career like Keith, impressive milestones will begin to be within reach. There are two more points worth mentioning. He only needs 25 points in his career to reach 650, 22 blocks can reach 1,650, and 4 hits can reach 500. He has not scored at least 25 points in only one season of his career. Rookie year and last season. But considering the shortened season, he only played 54 games. In an offensive Oilers team, 25 is easy to reach. As for the blocks and shooting percentage, according to the trend, Keith should complete his 1,650th block before and after the 60th game of the season. In the first 10 games, four hits should be easy.

2. Mike Smith won his 300th game

Mike Smith may be the 38th-41th goalkeeper in NHL history with 300 victories. It just depends on the starting quality of Sergey Bobrovsky, Craig Anderson and Braden Holtby, and where he will enter. If he stays healthy for most of the season, the question is not whether, but when.

Smith currently has 17 victories from 300 games. In the past five seasons, he has won at least 19 games. If he can score 58 games this season, he can also play the 700th game of his career.He will have to compare with the way he plays Last season performance And will not run out of gasoline to hit this. (“Mike Smith returns to the Oilers and is happy to continue his career,” Edmonton Sun, July 24, 2021)

1. Chris Russell becomes the leading blocker of all time

As his main means of blocking shots throughout his career, Russell has always found a way to take the first shot and move the ball away from the net. He currently ranks second in history with 1,976 blocks, only 22 behind Brent Seabrook.

Although he averaged more than two blocks per game, he should be able to rank first in the first 10 games of the season and reach 2,000. At only 34 years old, he should create a big gap, making this record difficult to break. Russell is also likely to score 4 goals this season and 50 goals in his career. He has not scored in the past two seasons, but in seven different seasons of his career, he has scored at least four goals.

2021-22 Oilers Player of the Year Honor Award

The more important milestones have been covered, so let’s take a look at some other milestones that are likely to reach this season:

  • Derek Ryan – 67 to 2,000, 1 point to 150
  • Zach Hyman – 15 points to 200
  • Jesse Puljujarvi – 38 points to 100, 18 goals to 50
  • Warren Fogler – 32 points to 100
  • Kailer Yamamoto – 48 points to 100
  • Brandan Perlini – 11 games against 250

With a good combination of veterans and young players, a series of personal milestones can be achieved throughout the season-some are faster than others, and some are greater than others. Keep your eyes open and see everything about the Oilers players this season.

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